Talkey innovates with new update and suite of unique features for secure emailing

A modern design, a friendly user environment, and another suite of unique features. All courtesy of the New Year update released for Talkey, the message and file encryption app that is free to download. This update is the company’s response to increased cyberattacks and the growing need for secure business and personal emailing. It is also a prime example of how encrypting communications can still be user-friendly no matter how strict the security specifications.


1 sender, 3 recipients, 2 of whom are cc’d, 35 replies. How do recipients handle emails in a thread? Who do they forward them to and how? With the new Talkey update, this depends on the conversation settings chosen by the sender of the original message.

“The latest version introduces advanced email settings inheritance. This gives the sender full control over the entire message thread. The recipient inherits the original advanced features set by the sender and cannot change them when forwarding or replying,” explains Jacek Makowski, Talkey’s project & product manager.

The inheritance of functions in messages that have been grouped into conversations will be appreciated by average users, especially at companies, organisations, government bodies, healthcare institutions, and even law firms and financial groups – wherever client data needs to be protected, the unsecured sending of personal data needs to be restricted, or access to messages needs to be disabled when an employee or business partner leaves.

Other unique features allow the user to invalidate an email that has already been sent and is in the recipient’s inbox, set when and how many times a message can be read, and disable message forwarding or the opening of a message on a mobile device.

talkey update

The app’s been given a makeover. It’s available for download free of charge.

“Entering the new year, we have given the app a completely new look with the aim of making the user environment a more pleasant experience. We have also increased reliability and stability,” Makowski adds. The basic version of the app is free to use and can be downloaded at There is even a mobile app, available for both Android and iOS.

By embracing innovation, Talkey has not only come up with another feature unique on the market, but has also found itself ranked among the best companies in the Czech Republic again.

In 2021, the company won an award in the Czech Top 100 competition’s Invention-Deployment-Export-Profit category, and a year earlier was singled out in the Information and Communication Technologies category. “For us, this award is a force driving us forwards,” says Talkey CEO Aleš Hranoš. “Our priority will continue to focus on innovating and delivering services and features to our users that are always responsive to their current needs in light of what is happening in cybersecurity,” he adds.

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